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If you are looking for a law office in the Netherlands, you've come to the right place. At my Dutch law office in The Hague, one thing is paramount: really solving legal problems. As a Dutch lawyer, I do this with drive, ambition, decisiveness and a sense of purpose.

Why should you choose Gonesh as your law office in the Netherlands?

I fight for my clients

Focus on results, that's my creed. No unnecessary or expensive fuss. That's how I have been doing it for years. Not only in my advisory practice, but also in litigation. Especially then. When it comes down to it, I am there for my clients, with all legal means. If necessary, to the extreme. For me, these are not empty words or fancy talk. I'll never forget how important results are for my clients.

Legal knowledge, as a means to serve your interests

My legal knowledge and wide-ranging experience are not an end in themselves. I use them in a very targeted way in the cases I handle. That is my true speciality. The interests of my clients come first. Always. In short: a Hague law office with knowledge, quality and strength ... on which you can justifiably rely. That is my pride.
My law office is the office in the Netherlands your opponent would have wanted...

Direct communication and short lines

I (Aroon Gonesh) am solely responsible for all communications and decisions on our side. Our clients therefore communicate only with me, and are not fobbed off with interns or other employees. Short lines, with personal and direct contact, that is my house style.

Clear agreements and affordable fees

I always make clear written agreements in advance about my fees. For many common legal services, my law office can charge fixed fees. And for the rest it is also very simple; I don't make any costs if I do not believe in the case myself.

Free initial consultation

How can I help you as a lawyer in the Netherlands? I will be happy to discuss this with you during an initial non-binding meeting. You can then tell me confidentially about your case, and I will be able to give you my first reaction. Please feel free to contact my law office in the Netherlands for that.

Advocatenkantoor in Den Haag

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When you're faced with a legal problem, you don't want just any lawyer. You want a good lawyer. If possible, the best lawyer for you and your case... I strive to be just that for my clients. Constantly. Always. A good lawyer in the Netherlands. Being an attorney is not my job ... it's my passion. The trust that clients have in me is a matter of honour for me. For me as a lawyer, their interests always come first. That's what drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, Dutch attorney in Holland

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Dutch business lawyer

Contact our business law office in the Netherlands for, for example, the incorporation of a B.V., a shareholders' dispute, a shareholders' agreement, the dismissal of a director or inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber or other corporate litigation in the Netherlands [read more ...]

Dutch employment law

As a Dutch lawyer in employment law, I work for employers and employees, for example in drafting and terminating employment contracts, dismissals (including UWV proceedings and summary dismissals), competition and settlement agreements [read more ...]

Dutch rental lawyer

As a lawyer in landlord and tenant law in the Netherlands, I assist both tenants and landlords in cases concerning business premises, as well as residential premises, for example in cases concerning termination of the lease, rent protection, increase of the rent and eviction. [read more ...]

Dutch contract lawyer

As a lawyer in Dutch contract law, I advise and litigate regarding, for example, sales agreements, assignments, agency, distribution agreements, franchises, licensing agreements, warranties and general conditions. [read more ...]

Real estate lawyer

As a Dutch lawyer in real estate law, I advise and litigate in matters such as the purchase and sale of real estate, disputes with estate agents, delivery, hidden defects, disputes with a contractor and within an association of owners. [read more ...]

Administrative lawyer

As an administrative lawyer in the Netherlands, I can help you with environmental permits, zoning plans, compensation for damage caused by government decisions, plan damage and compensation for loss caused by lawful government decisions, among other things. [read more ...]

Dutch collection lawyer

Collection in the Netherlands of your unpaid invoice? As a Dutch debt-collection lawyer, I will be happy to proceed to the collection of your claim. For example, we can seize goods, even before a judgement, and use other legal means to obtain payment [read more ...]

Litigation in Holland

As a Dutch lawyer, I assist my clients in a wide range of proceedings, before all courts of the Netherlands. With my specialist knowledge of Dutch procedural law, I strive for optimal results for both plaintiff and defendant clients [read more ...]

Economic criminal law

As a lawyer in financial-economic criminal law, I deal with cases concerning the enforcement of financial-economic regulations. For example, in connection with a fine or measure imposed or threatened [read more ...]

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