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Oil and gas - legal advice in Suriname

Aroon Gonesh is a Dutch lawyer with experience in Suriname, also concerning the exploration of oil and gas. Aroon is not a registered attorney (advocaat) in Suriname.

As an oil and gas lawyer in Suriname (and a registered attorney -advocaat- in the Netherlands), he advises a range of different (national and international) clients on important aspects of the dynamic oil and gas industry.

For example, Aroon can support his clients in their oil and gas activities in Suriname in all phases; that is, from pre-exploration to exploration, development, exploitation and decommissioning.

In doing so, Aroon draws on its particular experience in transactions and regulation in the Surinamese jurisdiction.

His legal knowledge and experience, gained in both the Netherlands and Suriname, enables him as a lawyer to advise clients on complex legal oil and gas matters in Suriname.
Together with his (Dutch and Surinam) team of legal specialists, he is able to advise:

  • independent and national oil companies, with activities in Suriname
  • government authorities and agencies of Suriname
  • oilfield services engineering companies in Suriname
  • transport and midstream companies in Suriname
  • storage companies in Suriname, and
  • equipment manufacturers in Suriname.

Legal advice in Suriname

Thus, Aroon and his team can provide legal services on oil and gas issues in Suriname concerning:

  • upstream exploration of oil fields
  • oil production activities
  • offshore drilling
  • the purchase of oil
  • purchase of oil and gas installations or services
  • engineering, procurement and construction of oil and gas installations and equipment
  • financing transactions related to oil production
  • offshore and shipping matters
  • environmental matters related to oil production in Suriname
  • regulatory compliance and enforcement of Suriname's regulations.

Contact an oil and gas lawyer

Would you like to meet Aroon to discuss your case regarding oil and gas in Suriname?
Then you can of course contact Aroon Gonesh by calling 070-3050502 or sending an email to info@goneshadvocatuur.nl.

In a personal meeting (or by phone or email) you can submit your legal question about your oil and gas case in Suriname to Aroon. Aroon will then be happy to jointly take a closer look at what he can do for you as a lawyer.

Oil and gas, Suriname, legal advice

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When you are active in the oil industry and are faced with a legal problem in Suriname, you do not just want legal advice. You want legal advice from someone who is well versed in Suriname. If possible someone with affinity to oil and gas.... I strive to be that for my oil and gas clients ... a Dutch lawyer with knowledge of Suriname and the oil and gas industry. With good contacts in Suriname. The confidence that both Dutch - and Surinamese clients have in me as an oil and gas lawyer is a matter of honor for me. Their interests are always leading for me as a lawyer. Also in cases concerning oil and gas in Suriname.

Aroon Gonesh, legal advisor in Suriname

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