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Business lawyer in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a business attorney in the Netherlands?
Aroon Gonesh has been a business lawyer in the Netherlands for over 18 years. As Dutch a business lawyer Aroon has built up broad knowledge and relevant experience during those years.
For business law in the Netherlands you are at the right place at his law firm in the Netherlands. Aroon's law firm is based in The Hague, but Aroon is active throughout the Netherlands and far beyond as a corporate lawyer and business law attorney.

What does a business law attorney do?

Companies, directors, shareholders, investors and others involved in businesses are constantly faced with increasingly complex laws and regulations.
Running a business these days is actually no longer optimal without a good corporate law attorney.

Examples of things Aroon may do for your business as a business law attorney include:

  • as "corporate architect", devising, setting up and supervising legal entities (including B.V.'s, N.V.'s, v.o.f.'s, partnerships, C.V.'s, and foundations) and designing corporate structures
  • preventing or settling disputes within the company (for example, by conducting proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber, or other forms of corporate litigation)
  • devising, setting up and supervising corporate transactions
  • drafting, assessing and negotiating a wide range of corporate and commercial contracts and representations, including group guarantees, 403 declarations and joint ventures and other forms of corporate law cooperation
  • legal recourse against corporate parties (such as, for example, directors, supervisory directors and shareholders) in the event of default
  • terminating contracts, for instance due to non-performance.

Specialist in Dutch corporate law

As an experienced corporate law attorney in the Netherlands, Aroon knows Dutch corporate law inside and out. It is his daily work. As a corporate law lawyer he is happy to think along with you, for example on any of the following topics:

  • shareholder agreements
  • shareholder meetings
  • directors' liability
  • corporate litigation
  • management buy out / management buy in
  • insolvency / bankruptcy
  • company takeover / M&A, and
  • reorganization / restructuring.

Contact with a Dutch business law lawyer

Achieving practical and workable corporate law solutions is what Aroon does best as a corporate law attorney.

If you have a question about a corporate law matter in the Netherlands, please feel free to contact contact Aroon without obligation by calling +31-70-3050502 or sending an email to info@goneshadvocatuur.nl for a confidential introductory meeting or initial telephone consultation.
In a personal meeting (or by telephone) you can discuss your legal question with Aroon. Aroon will then be happy to work with you to identify what he can do for you.

Business lawyer in the Netherlands

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When a company is faced with a business law problem, it doesn't want just any lawyer. You want a good business law attorney. If possible the best lawyer the for the case.... I strive to be that for my clients. Constantly. A good business lawyer in the Netherlands. Advocacy is not my job ... it's my passion. The trust that clients have in me for that reason is a matter of honor for me. Their best interests are always paramount to me as a lawyer. That is what drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, business lawyer in the Netherlands

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