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Lawyer Suriname

Gonesh Advocatuur is a law firm in The Hague with experience in Suriname.
Mr. Aroon Gonesh has Surinamese roots, and heads the Suriname Desk of his office.
He is a Dutch lawyer; the regular contact for Dutch - and Surinamese parties who seek legal advice on a case in Suriname.

International background, knowledge, experience and network

Aroon knows the business climate in Suriname, like no other.

Because of his own Surinamese - and Dutch background, and his years of experience with (among others) Dutch and Surinamese clients, especially in commercial cases between parties from these two countries, Aroon is familiar with the different backgrounds of people and businesses from both countries, the Netherlands and Suriname.

Aroon is not a registered attorney in Suriname (only in the Netherlands), but he has in Suriname (as in the Netherlands) a large network of selected professionals and other specialists (i.e. specialist lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, insurance agents, loss adjusters and appraisers) and he has built up extensive experience and knowledge in international business and handling cross-border disputes between parties from those countries.

All this puts Aroon in a position to advise his Surinamese clients on their legal challenges abroad, and - conversely - his non-Surinamese clients on doing business in Suriname.

And because he can communicate effortlessly with parties in Suriname, Aroon as a lawyer offers a unique added value to both his non-Surinamese - and Surinamese clients (companies and individuals alike).

Dutch attorney for cases involving Suriname

As a Netherlands attorney, Aroon is able to identify your international challenges in Suriname, both factually and legally, and to quickly propose and implement solutions (or have them implemented), also in Suriname.

Legal advice from a lawyer on doing business with Suriname

Aroon's Suriname Desk has built a strong reputation in cross-border matters over the past 18 years. To give you an idea; our law firm can, among other things (but not exclusively), assist you with the following matters:

  • the negotiation and contractual recording of an international cooperation or transaction in the Netherlands and Suriname
  • the establishment of a company, for example in the form of a N.V., C.V., partnership, foundation or a general partnership.
  • a company take-over in the Netherlands or Suriname
  • drafting of all kinds of commercial agreements for Dutch and Surinamese parties, such as franchise contracts, distribution contracts, agency agreements, purchase agreements or cooperation agreements (such as joint ventures)
  • terminating a contract, or rescinding it (in the event of non-performance) or nullifying it (in the events such as coercion, error, fraud or abuse of circumstances)
  • settling a business dispute within a company or with a business partner (by negotiating a settlement, or by conducting court proceedings)
  • conducting legal proceedings before the civil court in the Netherlands, and
  • conducting arbitration proceedings, in the Netherlands or in Suriname (or anywhere else in the world).

Contact our law firm for a case involving Suriname

Would you like to meet Aroon to discuss your case in Suriname with him, without any obligation and in confidence?
Then you can of course contact Aroon Gonesh by calling +31-70-3050502 or send an email to

In a personal conversation (or by phone or e-mail) you can discuss your legal question about your case in Suriname with Aroon. Aroon will then be happy to work with you to identify what he, as a lawyer, can do for you.

Lawyer Suriname

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When you are confronted with a legal problem in Suriname, you do not want just any lawyer. You want a lawyer who is well versed in Suriname. If possible the best lawyer for you and your international case.... I strive to be that for my clients. Continuously. A Dutch lawyer with knowledge of Suriname. With contacts in Suriname. Being an attorney is not my job ... it is my passion. The trust that both Dutch and Surinamese clients have in me as a Dutch lawyer is a point of honor for me. Their interests are always leading for me as a lawyer. Also in cases that involve Suriname. That drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, Dutch lawyer for cases involving Suriname

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