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Dutch attorney in the Netherlands

If you are looking for an attorney in the Netherlands, you have come to the right place.
At my law firm in The Hague, one thing is paramount: really solving legal problems.
As a lawyer, I do this with drive, ambition, decisiveness and a sense of purpose.

Focus on results, that is my credo. No unnecessary or expensive fuss.

I have been doing so for years. Not only in my consultancy practice, but also in litigation. Especially then.
When it comes down to it, I am there for my clients, by all legal means. To the hilt, if necessary.
For me, that is not just empty words or nice talk. No, that is my real speciality.

I will never forget how important results are for my clients.

In short: a Dutch law firm in The Hague at its best ... You can rightly rely on that.
That is my pride..

How can I help you as an attorney in the Netherlands?

Are you looking for an attorney in the Netherlands? An attorney in The Hague, perhaps?
How may I help you?
I would be happy to discuss this with you during a no-obligation meeting.
Feel free to contact me.

Aroon Gonesh, attorney in the Netherlands

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When you are faced with a legal problem, you do not want just any attorney. You want a good attorney. If possible, the best lawyer for you and your case... I strive to be that for my clients. Constantly. A good attorney in the Netherlands. Being an attorney is not my job ... It is my passion. The trust that clients have in me for that reason is a matter of honour for me. As a Dutch attorney, their interests always come first. That is what drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, attorney in the Netherlands

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