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Dutch lawyer for embassies and consulates

As a lawyer in The Hague, Aroon Gonesh also specifically focuses on legal services to embassies and consulates of other countries.

Embassies and consulates in the Netherlands

Embassies and consulates naturally take part in legal transactions in the Netherlands. Embassies and consulates do so, for example, by concluding contracts with Dutch companies and persons in the Netherlands.
Examples of contracts to which Dutch law may be applicable, and which all embassies and consulates will have to conclude on a regular basis, are:

  • employment contracts employment contracts with employees from the Netherlands
  • contracts of assignment to Dutch service providers
  • purchase agreements with regard to real estate, and
  • rental agreements with regard to real estate (residential and office space).

Law firm in The Hague for embassies in the Netherlands

As a lawyer, Aroon Gonesh is well acquainted with the special confidentiality, legal sensitivities and factual complexities involved in advising embassies and consulates in the Netherlands. Aroon knows better than anyone how to deal with them legally.
His law firm in The Hague is fully familiar with the (sometimes complex) regulations and diplomatic immunities, as regulated, inter alia, by:

Legal advice on doing business in the Netherlands

Embassies in the Netherlands are often approached by companies from their home countries, requesting assistance in setting up or expanding their business activities in the Netherlands. While a country may benefit from assisting its companies in the Netherlands, we also understand that embassy staff are not trained Dutch lawyers.

Legal advice from our law firm in The Hague can provide a solution that offers real value to the home country companies.

Whether a foreign company wants to establish or expand in the Netherlands or establish a trading relationship with a Dutch counterparty, Aroon Gonesh has the knowledge and experience to assist with every step of the transaction process, as well as compliance with Dutch regulations and litigation.

His law firm in The Hague has experience in a range of important sectors and industries and can advise embassies, consulates and foreign companies on, among other things:

In addition, Aroon Gonesh has over 17 years of experience representing foreign business clients in legal proceedings in the Dutch courts and in arbitration in the Netherlands.

Legal advice for embassies and consulates in the Netherlands

For embassies and consulates in the Netherlands that need quick advice on Dutch legislation, our law firm in The Hague has developed a special advice subscription.

Aroon Gonesh will be happy to discuss this with you confidentially and without obligation.

Lawyer Embassies and consulates in the Netherlands

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When an embassy or consulate in the Netherlands is confronted with a legal problem, it does not want just any lawyer. They want a good lawyer who has knowledge of the special legal position of embassies and consulates and who also has affinity with the precarious sensitivities that can come into play when an embassy or consulate is involved in legal transactions. As the son of a diplomat, I understand the delicate position of the diplomatic envoy. This is something I have been taught at a young age. The trust that embassies and consulates place in me is a matter of honour for me. Their special interest is leading for me as a lawyer.

Aroon Gonesh, Dutch lawyer for embassies and consulates

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