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Intellectual property lawyer in the Netherlands

Are you looking for an intellectual property lawyer in the Netherlands? An IP lawyer in The Hague, perhaps?

In the field of intellectual property law (including industrial property rights), but particularly in the fields of copyright and trademark law, Aroon Gonesh frequently advises clients on the protection of these rights in the Netherlands.

Law firm in the Netherlands for IP contracts

Our Dutch law firm also advises on the drafting of contracts concerning intellectual property rights, such as:

  • general terms and conditions
  • framework agreements
  • employment contracts
  • assignment agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • agreements concerning e-commerce websites
  • licensing contracts (e.g. cultivation licenses for plant varieties protected by plant breeders' rights)
  • royalty contracts and
  • assignment contracts.

This of course includes legal attention to (among other things):

  • the intended effects of the agreement, de facto and de jure
  • the law applicable to the agreement and dispute resolution (choice of competent court or arbitrator)
  • guidelines for the interpretation of the agreement
  • conditions for the validity and form of the agreement (including the requirement that it be in writing, the choice of language, the validity of the signature, the date, number of copies and any notarial or public registration)
  • penalties applicable in the event of failure to comply with these conditions of validity or form
  • penalties applicable in the event of non-compliance (including penalty clauses, and other clauses with a "dissuasive" effect)
  • confidentiality and secrecy
  • the ability of the parties to transfer their contractual obligations to third parties, and
  • the duration of the agreement and the possibility of its early termination (e.g. in the event of non-performance, lack of will or change of circumstances).

Dutch law firm for infringement cases

If a competitor infringes on your intellectual property in the Netherlands, for example, your copyright, your trademark, your plant breeders' rights or your trade name, Aroon can act as a Dutch intellectual property lawyer against the infringing party.

Summonses to infringing party in the Netherlands

Action can be taken against an infringing party in the Netherlands, for example, by (among other things, but not exclusively) summoning (and, if necessary, in interlocutory proceedings) that it:

  • immediately cease and desist from duplicating, publishing, producing, stocking, selling, importing, exporting and re-exporting the protected goods in question
  • make available, within a specified period, documents showing (i) the supplier(s) (with names and addresses) from whom the goods in question were obtained, (ii) the customer(s) (with names and addresses) to whom these goods were delivered, (iii) the number of the goods purchased (iv) the cost and purchase price of the goods purchased, (v) the selling price thereof, (vi) a precise calculation of the profit made per item, and finally also (vii) the quantity of the goods which is currently still in stock and/or under the control of the infringing party (all this -i to vii- specified by type, color, etc.)
  • will notify the customers within a certain period of time that all infringing goods which are still in stock and/or under the control of the infringing party must be returned to the infringing party within a certain period of time, while the infringing party offers to pay the purchase price and the transport costs thereof, and with the warning that if these customers do not comply with this order, these customers will expose themselves to legal action
  • shall send copies of the instructions thus given to the aforementioned customers
  • will enable a chartered accountant (to be paid by such infringing party, but designated by the entitled party) (within a certain period of time after the written statement of all the numbers as stated above) to check that this information has indeed been provided correctly.

If necessary, this can be combined with the seizure of the infringing goods and their destruction or safekeeping (e.g. by a bailiff).
In any subsequent proceedings on the merits, if no settlement is reached, a claim can be made for payment of profits and damages, among other things, on the basis of the information obtained.

IP lawyer for party facing infringement allegations in the Netherlands

If, on the contrary, your competitor accuses you of infringement, Aroon can also advise you as Dutch IP lawyer and, if necessary, conduct proceedings in the Netherlands to protect your reputation and have it determined in court that the accusations are unfounded (and, for example, also claim damages for the false accusation).

IP lawyer in the Netherlands in case of infringement

In short, our Dutch law firm acts in infringement cases, both for and against the (allegedly) infringing party.
Fortunately for all concerned, the majority of these cases are settled out of court. However, should proceedings be necessary, Aroon has extensive experience in litigation, if necessary up to the highest courts.

Dutch IP lawyer

More specifically, as a Dutch IP lawyer, Aroon can assist you in matters concerning:

  • copyright in the Netherlands
  • portrait right in the Netherlands
  • neighbouring rights in the Netherlands
  • trade names in the Netherlands
  • trademark right in the Netherlands
  • design right in the Netherlands
  • Dutch entertainment law, and
  • Dutch plant breeders' rights.

Contact an IP lawyer in the Netherlands

If you have a question about intellectual property law in the Netherlands (i.e. copyright, portrait law, neighboring rights, trademark law, design law, entertainment law, ICT law or plant breeders' rights), please feel free to contact Aroon by calling 070-3050502 or sending an email to info@goneshadvocatuur.nl for a confidential introductory meeting or an initial telephone consultation.

In a personal meeting (or by phone) you can present your legal question to Aroon. Aroon will then be more than glad to work with you to identify what he, as a intellectual property lawyer in the Netherlands, can do for you.

Dutch intellectual property lawyer in the Netherlands

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When you are faced with an infringement of your intellectual property in the Netherlands, or when you are sued in the Netherlands for such an infringement, you don't want just any lawyer. You want a good intellectual property lawyer. If possible, the best Dutch IP lawyer for you and your case.... I strive to be that for my clients. Constantly. A good intellectual property lawyer in the Netherlands. Advocacy is not my job ... it is my passion. The trust that clients have in me for that reason is a matter of honor for me. Their interests are always leading for me as a lawyer. That is what drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, intellectual property lawyer in the Netherlands

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