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Lawyer for a second opinion on Dutch law

Aroon Gonesh has been an attorney in the Netherlands for over 17 years, and is regularly approached to provide second opinions on Dutch law.

Even if you are already legally assisted by a lawyer or another legal professional (for example, from a legal expenses insurer) you may still need a second opinion.

This may be the case when you have doubts about a given legal advice. Such advice may concern your legal rights and obligations (e.g. liability or property), and your litigation chances (also on appeal), but also the way in which it is advised to approach an opposing party or to conduct legal proceedings (as plaintiff or as defendant).

Does a legal expenses insurer reimburse for a second opinion?

Are your interests represented by a legal expenses insurer and are you not satisfied with the way in which this is done? Then you can come to us for a second opinion. It is often stated in the dispute resolution procedure of the legal expenses insurer that you are entitled to a second opinion. The costs of a second opinion are usually paid by the legal expenses insurer.

Does an insured have the right to choose his or her own lawyer?

Everyone with legal expenses insurance has the right to choose their own lawyer in certain situations (there is "free" choice of lawyer). This means that an insured person may hire a lawyer of his or her choice to assist him or her in legal proceedings (but also, for example, in UWV proceedings).

Legal expenses insurance will usually have to pay the lawyer's fees (up to a certain maximum), so you will not incur any additional costs by engaging us.

Want to know more about a second opinion from a Dutch lawyer?

Because the law can sometimes be complex, it is often wise to seek a second opinion early in the case. Aroon Gonesh provides second opinions, both to businesses, individuals and government agencies.

Lawyer second opinion

Meet Aroon Gonesh

When you are presented with advice on Dutch law, and you have doubts about whether it is correct, you want a second opinion from an experienced Dutch lawyer. That's when you want good advice. If possible from the best lawyer for you and your case.... I strive to be that for my clients. Constantly. A good lawyer, also for giving a second opinion on Dutch law. Advocacy is not my job ... it's my passion. The trust that clients have in me for that reason is a matter of honor for me. Their interests are always paramount to me as a lawyer. That is what drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, lawyer in the Netherlands for second opinions on Dutch law

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