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Collection lawyer in the Netherlands

Aroon Gonesh has been practicing as a Dutch debt collection attorney for over 17 years.

Debt collection through a lawyer in the Netherlands

Do you have a debtor in the Netherlands who does not pay? Are you looking for a lawyer in the Netherlands for a collection case? If you give a collection order to our Dutch collection law firm, we will start working on the collection immediately.

Summons for payment through a Dutch debt collection lawyer

We know that an unpaid creditor is not waiting for all sorts of hassles and excuses.
That is why we address the debtor directly, with short deadlines that are strictly monitored.

We start every collection by contacting the debtor and trying to collect the funds without having to conduct legal proceedings.
In this way, most debt collections are resolved in good consultation. Over 87% of debt collection cases are brought to a successful conclusion in this way, without the need for legal proceedings.

Collection procedings in the Netherlands

We only start with a collection procedure if it is clear that the extrajudicial phase is not going to produce a satisfactory result.

Garnishment by a debt collection lawyer

As a Dutch collection firm, we can then proceed quickly and effectively by employing all the legal means at our disposal, including:

  • conducting debt collection proceedings in the Netherlands, where possible by means of summary proceedings
  • the levying of a prejudgment attachment
  • levying an attachment for enforcement
  • levying a garnishment, such as an attachment of a bank account
  • seizing a house or other immovable property
  • making an attachment of a car
  • levying an attachment of (the attachment free foot of) salary
  • taking execution measures, such as the sale of real estate
  • enforcing other rights of recourse, and
  • filing for bankruptcy of the Dutch debtor.

The aim of a garnishment is to block the debtor's assets and thus reserve them for the payment of the debt. A regular collection agency cannot do this itself. That is why we, as collection attorneys, are so successful in collecting unpaid invoices.

Debt collection at fixed prices or no cure, no pay

In the collection of undisputed claims, we work with fixed prices (while no cure - no pay is also possible).

Recovering collection costs from the debtor

As far as possible, we recover the costs of collection from the debtor.
If the claim to be collected is less than or equal to € 25,000, the sub-district court of the district court (the cantonal judge) will handle the case.
If the dispute is for more than € 25,000, the case is heard by the civil judge of the commercial sector of the court.
Proceedings before the subdistrict court are cheaper and usually take less time than proceedings before the commercial sector of the court.

As of July 1, 2012, the Extrajudicial Collection Costs Act (Wet Normering buitengerechtelijke incassokosten) and the associated decree entered into force. According to this Act, the activities performed by the lawyer for the collection of the claim shall (partly) be charged to the other party. In proceedings where the other party does not put forward a defense (a "procedure in absentia"), this is EUR 500,- plus 15 percent of the principal amount of the claim. And in proceedings in which the other party does put forward a defence (adversarial proceedings), the charge is EUR 1,000 plus 15 per cent of the principal sum of the claim.

These sums do not include court fees and third party costs (such as bailiff fees). Court fees are the amount that must be paid to a court when one starts, or is a defendant in, a civil or administrative law case - see: www.rechtspraak.nl.

By being ordered to pay the legal costs, the other party is obliged by the court to reimburse your costs (court fees, lawyer's fees, bailiff's costs).
If a judgement has been passed condemning the debtor to pay your claim and the legal costs to you, we will engage a bailiff to collect the total amount of money.

Debt collection lawyer in the Netherlands

Aroon as a lawyer has a lot of experience with debt collection cases. So; are you looking for a lawyer in connection with the collection of an unpaid bill in the Netherlands? Then feel free to contact Aroon without any obligation. For example by calling 070-3050502 or sending an email to info@goneshadvocatuur.nl.

Aroon will be happy to have a no-obligation introductory meeting with you, and as a debt collection attorney will give you initial no-obligation telephone advice on how to collect your debt. Aroon will then be happy to jointly consider what he, as a lawyer, can do for you in your debt collection case.

Lawyer debt collection in the Netherlands

Meet Aroon

When you are faced with a non-paying debtor in the Netherlands, you don't want just any Dutch collection lawyer. You want a good debt collection lawyer. If possible, the best lawyer for you and your case.... I strive to be that for my clients. Constantly. A good debt collection lawyer in the Netherlands. Advocacy is not my job ... it is my passion. The trust that clients have in me for this reason is a matter of honor for me. Their interest is always leading for me as a lawyer. That is what drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, collection lawyer in the Netherlands

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