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Contract lawyer in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a contract law attorney in the Netherlands? Someone who is a specialist in the field of commercial negotiation, contract drafting, and legally effective termination of contracts under Dutch law?
Aroon Gonesh has extensive experience as a Dutch contract attornet, both nationally and internationally.

Experienced contract law attorney

As a Dutch lawyer in contract law, Aroon assists both (large and small) companies, (foreign) governments and private individuals when it comes to drafting, assessing and negotiating contracts.
This also applies if a contract is not fulfilled. Enforcing compliance by legal means (including contract litigation), dissolving, cancelling or nullifying contracts is also daily business for Aroon as a lawyer in Dutch contract law. And of course the reverse is also true: if Aroon's client is accused of not fulfilling a contract, he knows how to parry that effectively.

For instance, Aroon's experience as a contract law attorney in the Netherlands includes the following types of contracts:

  • building contracts
  • agency agreements
  • general terms and conditions
  • employment contracts
  • automation contracts
  • brokerage agreements
  • penalty clauses
  • bail
  • construction contracts
  • distribution agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • financing agreements
  • guarantees
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • rental agreements
  • mortgage agreements
  • letter of intent agreements
  • purchasing agreements and sales agreements
  • IT contracts and ICT contracts
  • purchase agreements (including SPAs -Share Purchase Agreements, the purchase and sale of shares)
  • lease agreements
  • loan agreements
  • license agreements
  • management agreements
  • maintenance contracts
  • outsourcing agreements
  • pledge agreements
  • royalty agreements
  • cooperation agreements (a.w. joint ventures)
  • service level agreements (SLAs)
  • settlement agreements
  • incorporation contracts.

Contact with a lawyer in contract law in the Netherlands

So, are you looking for a lawyer for contract law in the Netherlands? A lawyer for contract law in The Hague, perhaps?
Please feel free to contact Aroon about your question on Dutch contract law.
Aroon is happy to discuss your case and what he can do for you as a contract attorney.

Contract attorney in the Netherlands

Meet Aroon Gonesh

For anyone doing business, entering into well-drafted commercial contracts is a necessity. Assessing a contract for legal effectiveness and feasibility is a specialty that fascinates me. As a Dutch lawyer in contract law, I have been drafting, reviewing, negotiating and terminating all kinds of contracts for more than 18 years. And, of course, also litigating about contracts when things go wrong. I always do this with the legal and commercial interests of my clients in mind. The trust that clients have in me for this reason is a matter of honor for me. Their interests are always leading for me as a lawyer. That is what drives me.

Aroon Gonesh, contract lawyer in the Netherlands

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